1. Booking of Exhibition Hall No. 12 & 3 along with Foyer Area and Main Auditorium of Expo Centre, Johar Town, Lahore is made for 7 days i.e. 23,24 & 25 September 2024 (3 days) for the buildup of stalls/Booths, 26-27 & 28 September 2024 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) would be Actual Exhibition (3 Days) and 29th September 2024 for dismantling.
  2. Booking of Stalls was commenced just after closing of IPEX-2023 on the principles of First Come First Serve Basis along with 50% advance Payment, Provided there are no outstanding Previous IPEXs against such company.
  3. All potential exhibitors are requested to send requests on the attached Application Form for allotment of stalls along with a current dated crossed cheque of 50% of the total cost of the stall in advance. Provisionally stalls would be allocated but it will be confirmed on receipt of the remaining 50% amount before 31st July, 2024
  4. Confirmation of stalls will be communicated to the allottees by 31 July 2024 on receipt of full Payment.
  5. The companies booking two Blocks of size 6×12 (18×40) mtr stalls, would be allowed to include a passage area Between the 2 Blocks free of cost.
  6. In case of more requests for a particular stall are received, preference will be given to those, who would demand more stalls in the Same Block.


  1.  If a stall is canceled after booking or fails to make full payment up to 31st July 2024 50% of the full cost will be forfeited by PPA / IPEX and the same stall will be allocated to other interested companies.
  2. If the stall is canceled after 1st August 2024, 100% of the full payment will be forfeited by PPA/ IPEX.


  1. The Rules & Regulations and SOPs during the Exhibition are appended below for compliance. It is hoped that
    all the exhibitors would extend their full cooperation:-
    1. All Stalls/Booths will be given only bare space No Stall be Provided by IPEX Management.
    2. The maximum Height of the Booth / Stall would be 14 Feet the maximum.
    3. Sound Level at stalls would be a maximum (70 dBA) decibel reading, up to 02:00 pm daily according to Public Disturbance Noise Regulation. There would be no check after 2:00 pm.
    4. No Company is allowed to sublet the Stall/Booth. They have to utilize the allotted stall by themselves, with their company name.
    5. All Booths would be Fabricated by the Registered Vendors of PPA only.
    6. Prizes / Shields will be awarded to 1st three position holders of the exhibition, (Owners of the Stall/Vendors).
    7. These are the final terms & conditions of the Organizing Committee. If there is any change in the above-mentioned terms & conditions, that will be circulated to all in writing. No verbal communication will be considered.
    8. At the time of booking exhibitors are required to provide their consent to accept above mentioned contract


  1. Any disputed matters will be referred to the Exhibition Committee of IPEX -2024 for resolution. The decision made by the committee will be considered final. No company would have the right to go to any court of law against the decisions of the Organizing Committee and all committees constituted by IPEX-2024 of Pakistan
    Poultry Association (N. R)
  2. Due to unavoidable circumstances Exhibition Committee reserves all the right to re-Adjust, change or cancel the allocated stall location, even though full payment has been received.
    • All Applicable Taxes are not Included in the Price of Stalls/Booths.
    • All Foreign Companies Booking Booth would Pay its Charges in US dollars.
    • USD 50 incidental charges will be added to each foreign transaction.
    • Signature of the Company along with Application to be Obtained.
Download PDF - Terms & Conditions for Branding