1. 1. Booking of Hall No. 1,2,3 of Expo Center, Johar Town Lahore is made for 7 days i.e from 23rd to 25th September,20243 days) would be utilized for making and display of banners from 26th,27thand 28th September, 2024would be exhibition days and 24″ September, 2023 for dismantling of Banners.
    2. Booking of Banners would be commenced with effect from 15th June, 2024 on the Principles of first come first serve basis.
    3. All interested companies are requested to send their requests for allotment of banners immediately along with current dated cheque of 50% of the total cost of the banners in advance. Provisionally place of banners would be allocated but it will be confirmed on receipt of remaining 50 % amount before 31″ July, 2024.
    4. All companies have to make full payment of Banners/ Branding before 31* July, 2024 . Otherwise, Banners would be cancelled.


  1. Confirmation of Banners will be communicated to the Allottee within 10 days after receipt of full payment. There will be no booking of banners without 50% advance payment. Cancellation


  1. If a Banner is cancelled after booking or failed to make full payment up till 31* July, 2024, 50% of the full cost will be forfeited by PPA /IPEX and said banner will be allocated to other interested company.
  2. No company is allowed to sublet the allocated place, they have to display banner of their own company.


  1. Any disputed matter will be referred to the Exhibition Committee of IPEX-2023, for resolution. The decision made by the committee will be considered final. No company would have right to go to any Court of Law against the decision of the Exhibition Committee & all committees constituted by IPEX-2023, of Pakistan Poultry Association (NR).
    9. Due to unavoidable circumstances Exhibition Committee reserves all the rights to re-adjust, change or cancel the Banner’s location, even though full payment has been received.
Download PDF - Terms & Conditions for Branding